Time and again, law enforcement agencies have come up with innovative ways to encourage people to follow Covid protocols amid the ongoing pandemic. The social media teams of these departments often post relatable creatives to promote social distancing, wearing masks and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Mumbai Police sure knows how to ace this game while using on-point memes and updates. If they used Amrita Rao’s ‘jal lijiye’ viral meme to encourage people to wear masks, now Nagpur Police has upped the stakes with an interesting edit to promote vaccination as well as to urge people to follow Covid-19 protocol.

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In their latest post, the official handle used Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to get their message across, with a few interesting modification. Captioned, “The Art of the Modern Times’, the three images feature ‘Mask-Lisa’, ‘Sanitizer-Lisa’ and ‘Vaccine-Lisa’. Here, take a look:

Since being shared online, the post has garnered several likes with many complimenting the police department’s creativity. Here are some of the many comments on the tweet: